No doubt, a nighttime routine is useful. Following a routine not only relaxes you but prepares you for bed. A typical routine might include books and puzzles. While they do have their place, so should music.

However, not all types of music should be played before you hit the hay. I’d recommend classical (a must), lounge, or jazz. Of course, you can choose other categories of music, just as long as it relaxes you. Music has impressive effects that might make the trip to dreamland faster.

Bye-Bye Anxiety

Anxiety or worry is one of the main culprits for insomnia (can’t sleep). That said, anyone who jams out to their favorite track is having a good time. You see, there are two parts of the brain called the dorsal and ventral striatum. These parts of the brain release dopamine. 1

It’s not advised to sleep with earbuds. Overtime, earbuds or headphones can cause earwax buildup or could get wrapped around your neck, possibly causing death. Instead, remove the headphones and place your phone nearby.

Slash Depression

Heading to bed sad is a bad start. Just like anxiety, music will have the same effect on depression. Oddly, it’s believed that sad music makes depressed people feel better. The explanation for this finding is that sad music serves as a way to cope with depression. 2


Still not convinced? Turns out, music isn’t that expensive. What’s even better, you can find free websites to play music. Free music can be found on both websites, Youtube, and SoundCloud.