Resistance bands are the unsung hero of the gym. They’re frowned upon while heavyweights are seen as a symbol of strength in its gleaming light. Yes, resistance bands are often used for rehabilitation in physical therapy. It’s because of its association with physical therapy that gives it a bad rap. All in all, that doesn’t mean they’re unworthy of your workout.

More Muscles Used

One big difference you’ll notice when using resistance bands is the constant tension. Since there is constant tension, more muscles must be used. As a result, it’s easier to build muscle. 1


You gotta buy a weight rack and weight plates? Prepare to cough out some serious cash. Resistance bands, on the other hand, are on the lower end.


It’s easy to think a small and light resistance band isn’t as good as a heavy metal weight. If you have to go somewhere, clearly a resistance band is easier to get around with. Resistance bands can be folded in a suitcase or even in your pocket.

Different “Weights”

There’s a reason those resistance bands are in different colors, and it’s not to look pretty. Companies commonly color-code their resistance band by resistance. A black resistance band might give you more resistance than a green one, for instance.