A lot of us don’t go outside that much. We stay indoors with our eyes glued to a screen for many hours. But is that a bad thing? Well, it turns out that the indoors are associated with poor health. Without the fresh air, sunshine, and no contact with Mother Nature, we get sleep issues, anxiety, and more. Here are the benefits of being in nature for just 10 minutes.

Mental Health

Nature has many benefits for your mental health. The sound of rain and the sight of trees soothes anxiety, stress, and depression.

Physical Health

Nature also benefits your physical health. Because you won’t be as stressed, your stress hormones won’t be high, which means better heart health. You might also feel more motivated to exercise outdoors rather than indoors.


Plants release chemicals called phytoncides that repel insects, bacteria, and fungi. When we breathe in these chemicals, our bodies react by producing white blood cells, which fight viruses.

Natural Sleep Aid

Sunlight tunes your circadian rhythm with the day, making for quality sleep. Your circadian rhythm is how your body knows when to go to sleep or when to be awake.

Vitamin D

They call vitamin D the “sunshine vitamin” for a reason! Our bodies create vitamin D when sunlight contacts our skin. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and muscles.