Meat is a complete protein, which means you will get all the essential amino acids needed by the body. There is a total of 20 amino acids that make up proteins. Your body needs 9 amino acids–called essential amino acids. Interestingly enough, the body produces all amino acids on its own except for 9 certain amino acids (essential amino acids). The following options on this list all provide essential amino acids.


Eggs are unique since they can be cooked in a ton of ways. They can be served sunny-side up or scrambled. If you need vitamins A and D then look no further than eggs. 1


From salmon to tuna, most fish provide what meat has. Because of this, you have a variety of different fish to choose from. Fish are a good source of healthy fats and B vitamins. To closely match the texture of chicken–you should choose salmon (especially grilled). 2


I know this option is pretty wild and not so appetizing, but you should reconsider. Not only do most seaweeds have vitamin K but also vitamin B12. There’s also a bunch of different seaweeds to try, like brown algae and kelp. 3