Short on time?  You don’t have to work out for hours to see results.  Get more done in less time with this 10-minute workout.

Complete the following exercises in numerical order.  Perform each exercise for a minute and then move on to the next; then repeat the whole list for a second time.

1. Jumprope

Jumprope forward ten times and then backward ten times.  Repeat for one minute.

2. Dumbbell Overhead Press Curl

Start this exercise by performing a bicep curl with your palms facing up.  At the end of the bicep curl, when the dumbbells are close to your shoulders, rotate your wrists and push the dumbbells up over your head.  Your arms should be completely straight, pointing at the ceiling.  Maintain a straight back.  Slowly lower the dumbbells and repeat for one minute.

3. Dumbbell Pushup Row

Get into a high plank position with each hand holding onto a dumbbell.  Your palms should be facing each other.  Your arms and legs should be shoulder-width apart.  Your head, back, and legs should form a straight line.  After you complete a pushup, row your right arm while having your left arm support you.  At this point, it should look like you’re doing a high plank with only one arm touching the ground.  Keep your elbows at your sides during the whole exercise.  When rowing, prevent your core from rotating.  Row your left arm, do another pushup, and repeat for one minute.

4. Squat Kickback

With legs hip-width apart, lower into a squat.  After completing a squat, lean forward slightly and kick back your right and left legs.  Kick back each leg once before doing another squat.  Maintain a straight back, and don’t kick too far out.  Repeat for one minute.

5. Shadowbox

In a boxing stance, get your fists near your face, with your left arm in front of your right arm.  Your left leg should be under your left arm, and your right leg should be under your right arm.  With your right arm, throw a punch by rotating your right leg, core, and forearm of your right arm.  Your hips should be turning at your would-be attacker as you throw a punch.  To punch with your left arm, bring your right leg in front and bring your left leg behind.  Your left arm should now be behind your right arm.  Punch two times with your right side, then move around pretending to dodge attacks.  Punch two times with your left side and move around again.  Repeat for one minute.