After a hard day of work, you go to the gym and naturally head towards the treadmill. Sure, the treadmill has its benefits, but it might not work for everyone. If you have bad knees or want to try something new, then you should consider the prowler.

The prowler (or push sled) is anything but a joke. You can push or pull, and it’s that easy. Here are some more reasons why you should use the prowler.

Muscles Used

After using the prowler, don’t be surprised if your whole body is sore the next day. That’s because you used all sorts of muscles to push and pull. When you push, you recruit your legs and arms. Pulling, on the other hand, needs your back, and biceps. 1


Along with your sore muscles, you can expect to feel out of breath. The reason for this is that your heart must pump blood to support your working muscles. As you can imagine, the more muscles at work, the harder your heart must perform. 2


Long bouts of running can cause shin splints or worse, injury. This won’t be a problem when exercising with the sled. Additionally, when pushing, you’ll almost resemble a sprinter. 3

Do It Yourself

After reading all of the benefits, you might be tempted to buy or find one at a gym. Those are good ways but both can be expensive. If your wallet simply isn’t that big, try making one yourself. Find a box that’s as wide as a sled would be and place anything with weight inside. You can place books, canned goods, jars, backpacks, tires and containers or cartons filled with water.

To take full advantage of your creation, cut a small hole and add a strong rope or chain through the hole. This will allow you to pull the sled. You would need to find the right area in your home with the right flooring for appropriate traction. A carpet or garage will be your best bet.