The results of an allnighter aren’t to be taken lightly. It doesn’t help that most of us don’t take sleep as seriously as we should. We’d rather take nightshift jobs or study for tests, than to sleep. At the same time, what would happen if we made sleep a priority? That would change everything, from our mental health to physical health.

Improved Skin

After a restful sleep, you’ll have clear and healthy skin. During sleep, your body produces a growth hormone that has anti-aging properties. However, this only happens when your body is in stage three or four of the sleep cycles. 1

Detoxed Brain

When you’re awake during the day, brain cells make a waste byproduct. It’s believed that cerebrospinal fluid cleanses the brain of waste. (If the other benefits didn’t motivate you to take sleep seriously, then this one should.) 2

Cognitive Function

You’ll ace the test because you’ll have enhanced learning, focus, and memory. While asleep, connections between brain cells are strengthened. Additionally, you’ll benefit from faster reaction times, thank you sleep! 3