Ah yes, love. You’ll always have someone by your side and you’ll be happy most of the time. Love is what drives our species to thrive. That doesn’t mean love is all butterflies and rainbows though. While love has many benefits–it comes with a price.


Jealousy is defined as feeling a need to protect, in this case, your lover from another person trying to take them away from you. It’s okay to be a little jealous but it can take a turn for the worst. A jealous person might resort to abuse and blame. This is toxic because a partner at this point doesn’t understand that it’s okay for their lover to have some time off a relationship. 1

Despite common belief, jealousy can actually be healthy. This feeling shows you, your partner or friend what you value.

Hurts to breakup

When a couple loves each other, a relationship happens. Sadly, the relationship might end for reasons, such as lack of time spent together. This leads to pain, sadness, and heartbreak. Especially if you love a person but they don’t love you back.

Love addiction

A love addict is a person that wants love. They want to love for the feelings they feel and enjoy it. You see, in the first moments of seeing a potential lover, the brain produces chemicals. These chemicals are supposed to push you to build a relationship with your possible partner. 2


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