Did you know that in 2008, some research found that 16.8% of New Zealand adults regularly dance? Dancing is commonly thought of as inferior compared to traditional exercise. Yet that couldn’t be any further from the truth. That’s because dancing is exercise! In fact, with some styles of dancing, you can expect to be out of breath. If your still not buying it, consider these top perks. 1


Feel fear when you look at the treadmill? Dancing can offer cardiovascular benefits for your heart. For dancing to count as cardio, choose an intense style of dancing. 2

If a dance class sounds too expensive, look no further than video games. With great titles like the Just Dance series, dancing couldn’t be anymore exciting.


Dancing not only helps your physical health but your mental health as well. Certain dance styles require you to dance with a partner. This can be a promising way to overcome social anxiety and social phobias.


From salsa to ballet, there’s no doubt that dancing is important when it comes to culture. Some dances have been around for many centuries. If you’re interested in learning about a culture, dancing is great a way to get a taste of any culture. If you have a dance from your culture (which you most likely do), what’re you waiting for? 3


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