There is nothing wrong with having emotions. Emotions are what make us human, and anxiety is part of the package. You see, anxiety is part of the fight or flight response. When your body believes it’s in danger, you get a boost of anxiety to either run or fight. While this response is useful in dangerous situations, this becomes a problem when there is no real danger.

If you feel anxiety all the time, talk to your doctor. On the other hand, it’s natural to have anxiety once in a while. These tricks are not only effective for anxiety, but for managing other emotions as well. 1


Emotions take place depending on what your perspective is. For instance, you feel anxious that you might not have washed your hands thoroughly. In the same event, you’d remind yourself that you can only try and that it’s no big deal if you didn’t wash your hands. If it was serious, you’d see on the news everyone sick and dying from failing to clean their hands. The key here isn’t to talk to yourself negatively. Speak to yourself as you’d speak to a friend in need of your advice.

Accept The Worry

You go to bed but worry if you’ll sleep or not. So you decide to just ignore any anxiety and try to sleep anyways. Sadly, it appears you didn’t sleep at all. Well, what gives? Anxiety is a messenger and like any messenger, wants its message to be heard. When you ignore it, the anxiety worsens because it’s not being heard.

You’re fighting your emotions and trying to bottle them up. Instead, allow yourself to feel anxious. Notice what sensations you’re feeling. Maybe write down and describe the sensations. Write down what’s on your mind or why you’re feeling this way. 2

Can’t sleep, but worried? Skip the meditation and write down what’s on your mind instead.

Go For A Walk

Walking provides more than physical benefits. When walking is used for emotional reasons, it’s called mindfulness walking. As you walk, the repetition of your steps will calm you down, bringing peace of mind. For the best results, you should walk as close to nature as you can. The best spots to walk would be on a trail or a park.


It’s difficult to sit with emotions. Feelings can be very uncomfortable, especially from anxiety. One simple solution that anyone can do? Be thankful for what you have. This might be the last thing to think about when you’re experiencing anxiety and it’s understandable. Considering how we notice the negatives more than the positives. However, by remembering what you have like food, water, and shelter is enough to remind you how lucky you are to have them.


Music is more than fun. Music stimulates more parts of your brain than anything else. That playlist causes your brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that improves your mood. However, to truly benefit from music, you must enjoy it. Also, a song should match how you’re feeling. So, if you’re anxious, listen to music that relaxes you. 3


Want to instantly feel better? Laughing uplifts your mood and reduces the damage that anxiety can do. Laughing even accelerates healing. The benefits of this emotion are so noticeable that there’s an entire form of therapy devoted to it. The catch here is that you have to do your homework. Find what makes you laugh so much. 4