The western diet usually includes processed foods, high sugar, and high salt sources. Fiber is often missed in this type of diet along with other critical nutrients. You see, fiber comes in either soluble and insoluble form. Fiber is unique, given that your body doesn’t absorb it. Rather than being absorbed, fiber “feeds” bacteria in your gut or your microbes that live in your microbiome. Guess what happens if the bacteria in your gut are n’t fed?

Then they’ll eat you alive! They’ll eat the lining of your lower intestine, leading to leaky gut syndrome. On the other hand, if your microbes are happy campers, you’ll have better weight management and the upper hand when dealing with infections. So by now, you probably want to force yourself to eat sad salads. While salads do have fiber, they’re not the only source. Here are some high-fiber foods that you probably ate today! 1


Pasta is often seen as “bad” food. This isn’t always the case–depending on the type you’re eating. I’m talking about a pasta that isn’t refined. For example, whole-wheat pasta provides 23% of your daily dose of fiber. 2

Split Peas

Split peas belong to the family of legumes, like beans. To tell them apart from green peas, look for yellow looking peas. Just 1/2 a cup of split peas has 8 grams of fiber. 3


Avocadoes are a current pop star in the health community. That’s because of all the good-for-you fats that it has. Another reason is how rich in fiber this fruit is. One half of an avocado has roughly 5 grams of fiber. 4