You ate the right foods, at the right time. You have the right bedroom colors and even exercised during the day, yet still no sleep. Everyone knows how important it is to sleep. Without it, you’ll be tired the next day, which will, in turn, decrease your performance. Occasionally missing sleep is normal, but if you have trouble falling asleep every night, then that might be a sleep disorder.

Racing Mind

Worrying thoughts is all that’s needed to fuel anxiety. Before bedtime, avoid any electronics, write down worries, and do something relaxing, such as coloring. If this still doesn’t work, try accepting your worry and these tricks.


When you finished exercising, you felt energized. This is why for some folks, exercise can ruin their night. Oddly, this isn’t the case for everyone, but it might be the underlying issue for you. 1


It’s ok to eat a little around bedtime. Indeed, some foods even help you sleep. However, eating too much before bed can backfire. For this reason, you shouldn’t eat any meat or foods that take too long to digest too close to bedtime.