Keeping up with your mental health sometimes means taking care of your body. People who exercise, sleep, and eat right have good mental health. They’re able to cope, feel, and express how they feel better than those who don’t take care of their bodies. Someone with stable mental health treats themselves as they would to a friend in need. They wouldn’t think negatively but would think positively, realistically, and would have gratitude. Here are a couple more ways you can improve your mental health:


Journaling is a good idea for working through emotions. You can also write about how grateful you feel for something. What you write doesn’t have to be long and can be private. 1


Spending time in nature is soothing for the spirit. Next time you exercise, go to the park or your backyard. You can encourage yourself and your family to get more nature by learning something about it. For example, having a picnic at a park and bringing a bird guide book.

Plants help our immune system by making compounds called phytoncides. Plants produce these compounds as a way to fend off bacteria and bugs. Aside from that, plants provide us with purified oxygen and healthy food. We also move more when we’re near nature and can promote exercise. 2 3 4


Having something to look forward to makes us happier. The best way to find a hobby is by trying something new. You can do this by going to the library and seeing what you like. You can also look at what your family and friends do for fun.


Making friends is easy when we have good mental health. Having some friends to hang out with provides us with comfort and support. If you have a mental illness, telling your friends about it might help. You may even form a friendship with an animal or pet.


Having a good sense of humor helps us stay positive. Look at what makes you laugh, like funny cat videos, comedians stand up, or movies that make you laugh. When you laugh, you’ll bring positivity into your life and to those around you.