Here’s the hard truth: embarrassment is unavoidable. Everyone gets embarrassed or has been before. It’s natural to fear this feeling. After all, who wants to be perceived as a joke or a fool? Embarrassment is a public feeling, as one would feel they have not lived up to social rules, or social expectations. Be prepared with these coping strategies. 1

It’s No Big Deal

Yeah, you slipped at the mall in front of your friends. Even so, they won’t remember this for the rest of their lives. View what happened to you, from other people’s eyes. If a stranger fell, would you call them insults and start recording? Would you forever remember when they fell? Besides, it’s most likely that most of those around you didn’t care.

Laugh It Off

As humans, we empathize with others by “catching” their emotions. In other words, we reflect on how the person we’re communicating with feels. For example, you’re happy before you see your weeping friend. Automatically you feel bad for your friend. This is called emotional contagion, and laughter is one of the most infectious. A good laugh improves your mood and eases tension. 2

You’re Human

There’s a good chance that you’ll feel embarrassed if you’re a perfectionist. In general, all acts that lead to embarrassment are accidents. That’s why you must forgive yourself and accept that no one is perfect. Instead of being ashamed about what you did, see it as an opportunity to grow and learn.

The Feeling Is Temporary

It doesn’t make sense to label emotions as “negative”, or “positive”. That’s because all emotions are useful. Each emotion is a piece of data, telling you what is going on. Although, emotions (specifically embarrassment) can leave behind uncomfortable feelings; it’s important to know that these feelings won’t last forever. 3