Our faces can convey 21 different emotions. We smile when we’re happy and frown when we’re sad. However, we also express our emotions verbally and through our behavior. For example, you might laugh when you feel happy. In another scenario, someone feeling anxious will act nervously (shaky arms and legs).

Having said that, emotions can be uncomfortable, and as a result, people suppress their feelings. This only makes that emotion you want to avoid, become stronger. The best way to handle that unavoidable emotion is to express it. When we express them, emotions lose their power. Though, we have to express them the right way, not unhealthy ways; like relying on drugs, bullying, or social isolation. 1


Doesn’t cost a thing, and you can do it right now. Writing helps you map out your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. All this, in turn, increases self-awareness; as you get a better understanding of why you feel a certain way. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll feel much better, just by writing it down. Plus, you don’t need perfect grammar, you can write bad words and no one has to read it.


Part of being angry is when we feel an urge to destroy things. With that said, it’s okay to be angry, but punching walls can get you in trouble. Instead, channel your anger into exercise, by going for a walk, running, or lifting weights. If you’re extremely angered, start punching and kicking the air.


I’m not surprised that sad people are ashamed to cry. It’s been told to us ever since we were children: only girls cry. If we could get passed that, we’d have found a good way to release all the hurt and pain. If you don’t want others to see you cry, go in your bedroom, bathroom, or a place where you can be alone.


You’ll feel relieved after speaking to someone about how you feel. Not to mention, talking comforts us, because we’re being heard and understood. The person who’s listening is most likely to suggest solutions to what’s bothering us.


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