Ah yes, soda. Can’t forget the fizzy bubbles and the taste! This is why soda is so popular–and hard to avoid. The sad truth is, soda has a lot of sugar. So much, that one serving can supply more than the daily limit of sugar. This is why you should try to avoid it, but that’s easier said than done. You can satisfy what you crave by drinking healthier options that are similar to soda.


No doubt about it, sugar is probably what keeps you coming back for more. Ditch the sugar-laden beverage with a cup of joe instead. Unlike soda, coffee can reduce inflammation because of its antioxidants. Drink up! 1

Sprinkling Water

Do you adore the bubbles with every gulp? Quench your craving with sprinkling water. You can sweeten it by adding natural fruit juice.


Traditionally, tea is enjoyed hot, but some do prefer it cold. However, some brands of cold tea do have more sugar than the soda you’re cutting out. For that reason, I’d recommend you buy tea bags and cool them in the refrigerator. Tea is a good source of flavonoids, anti-inflammatory, and helps with high blood pressure. 2


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