During the workweek, nutrition is the last thing you’re worried about. That’s where fast-food comes in, right? While you might crave that heavenly burger, you should know that it’s not the best for you. A single burger from a fast-food joint can provide your daily intake of sodium, all in one burger. One milkshake made at a fast-food joint can provide more than your daily sugar limit, and that’s a lot. With all of this in mind, here are some healthier fast-food options that are low in sodium and sugar.


Contrary to popular belief, the classic fast food joint can be healthy. Keep an eye out for their fruit and maple oatmeal. It has just 150mg of sodium and 31g of sugar. You’ll also find 4g of fiber with 6g of protein. 1

Burger King

Like chicken nuggets? Get it from Burger King. That’s because their 4 piece chicken nuggets have 310mg of sodium and no sugar. If you want to dip ’em, do it with ketchup. 2


Wendy’s has a plain baked potato. Be sure not to get confused with the different versions of this meal on the menu. One plain baked potato has 270 calories, 25mg of sodium, 3g sugar, 7g of protein, and 7g of fiber. 3 4


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