Around bedtime, you can’t help but worry if you’ll fall asleep or not. As nighttime approaches, your anxiety soars through the roof. What if I can’t sleep? Will I be tired all day at work? Anxiety will ensure sleep time is lost. while an all-nighter will agitate your anxiety the next day. The following are some tricks to put a stop to this never-ending cycle.

Worry Journal

Only when you’re very anxious, write down the thought. By recording when you felt a lot of anxiety, you might find what caused it in the first place. Everywhere you go, carry around a mini notebook or piece of paper and a pencil or pen. 1


Being stuck in an endless loop of worries can be energy-draining. This is where puzzles come in. Besides being fun and cheap, your mind will be at ease. You see, puzzles are a problem that has to be solved. Requiring attention and focus, your mind will be too occupied to worry. 2


If you’re not up for puzzles, this one is a solid option. You can easily go to your local library and pick up a good book for free. Reading has benefits beyond relaxing. A good example is that you can be more knowledgable about a certain topic. 3