Finding an exciting exercise couldn’t be any more vital to your health. Especially in America, where only one in three children workout! It’s about finding an exercise you’ll stick to in the long run. A fun workout is one that you look forward to. You’re more likely to perform a fun exercise than a boring one.

This is true if you don’t feel like exercising. However, not everyone finds the same exercise fun. So, you have to investigate and find what you find fun. Here are some suggestions.

Hula Hoop

Hate sit-ups and treadmills? Hula hooping recruits 30 core muscles. Even better, hula hooping is a form of cardio. As if that wasn’t enough, music goes hand-in-hand with hula hooping. Now, you have more of a reason to bring those headphones! 1


Jumping around happens to be a great exercise for your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and core. Plus, jumping is a simple cardio workout. With all that out of the way, jumping on hard surfaces isn’t recommended, as that leads to injury. In this case, look no further than the mini-trampoline. You’ll jump higher and enjoy reduced stress on your joints. Instead of solely repeating jumps, you can incorporate upper body exercises as well. 2

Kick Scooter

The best way to counteract a sedentary lifestyle is to invest in exercises that require standing. One way to do that? Enter the kick scooter. Since you’ll be standing most of the time, more muscles are engaged. Not only is the kick scooter a full-body workout, but it’s low-impact and a good way to achieve cardio. If a kick scooter feels small, there’s a bigger version called the kick bike, which offers the same benefits. 3

Roller Skate

If running doesn’t cut it, try roller-skating. Not only is it similar to running, but it’s easier on your joints. What’s more, your quadriceps, hamstrings, hip abductors, calves, glutes, erector spinae, abdominals, and obliques, all benefit from roller-skating. If that didn’t convince you, roller-skating also happens to be an example of cardio. 4

Scooter Board

The scooter board is recognized for its role in therapy and elementary schools. Despite their association, scooter boards should still be a part of your fitness routine. First of all, a scooter board is a square-shaped board with four wheels placed underneath. This can be used to compliment your workouts and increase intensity. For example, after a push-up is completed with your feet on the scooter board, bring your knees to your chest and straighten again.