Physical activity is oh-so-good for you. Any exercise helps to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. Just knowing that is enough for people to get out of the house. Yet others aren’t motivated by that. Instead, some choose to exercise for their sanity. While a workout can get you that six-pack, you’ll be in for a surprise. Exercise goes above and beyond physical benefits, athlete or not. 1


Who doesn’t feel a burst of confidence when looking at their hard-earned biceps? Even at the gym, adapting to an exercise and adding more weight can also boost your confidence. Additionally, the gym happens to be the perfect place to work on your social skills (bonus exercise!). Everyone else is probably at the gym for similar reasons you are, perfect for starting friendships, inturn increasing confidence. 2

Boxing, or even punching air can give you a surge of confidence. Either one provides a full-body workout and offers cardiovascular benefits.


Anxiety is when you feel uncertain about the future and possible events. Fitness is the perfect way to reduce anxiety. As you exercise, you’ll have something to focus on, reducing the occurrence of worrying thoughts. Besides, how can you worry when your muscles are burning? 3


Depression is best described as feelings of constant sadness. When you’re exercising, the brain produces endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that, once made in the brain, will leave you in a better mood. 4