Meditation is when you focus on one thing to lessen anxiety or depression. Meditation can also help with sleep, immunity, and encourages positive emotions. Research even shows that meditation is good for the heart and mind. Since every community has a way to meditate, there are different techniques. One technique is seated meditation when you’re sitting with your eyes closed. Below are a few other ways to meditate: 1 2


Swimming is a fun way to exercise. To relax, feel the sensation of your body in the water. You can also go underwater and focus on the silence. Notice how your arms and legs feel as you swim. 3


Some people like to walk to feel better. You can have your hands by your side or whatever makes you comfortable. When you’re walking, see how your feet feel against the ground. 4


Journaling can help show how you feel. It can be a notebook, sticky note, or a piece of paper. Also, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes while writing. Just notice how you feel as you write. 5


Choosing which color to use and using it is relaxing. You can use a coloring book or start doodling. If you color outside the lines or mess up, it won’t be noticeable. Plus, you can color and make new friends. 6