Melatonin supplements are no stranger when it comes to sleep. They’re used to treat all sorts of sleep disorders. While this may be true, you can still find melatonin through your diet. You see, melatonin is a hormone.

A hormone starts with amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. In this case, the amino acid tryptophan is eventually converted to the hormone melatonin. Consider these tryptophan-rich snacks around bedtime. 1

Pumpkin Seeds

These salty seeds are found inside the pumpkin. By the way, they’re chock full of zinc and magnesium. Try sprinkling pumpkin seeds on a salad, soup or smoothie. 2


Peas are small round green balls that are sweet. Despite their teeny-tiny size, they still pack a punch. For instance, you’ll find loads of protein and fiber. Mix some peas in your next salad, smoothie, or pasta sauce. 3

Olive Oil

A type of oil derived from olives, olive oil is used for almost everything in the kitchen. This oil is tasty and filled with healthy fats. Enjoy olive oil by pan-frying eggs, drizzling on meals, or in smoothies. 4 5

Cottage Cheese

This type of cheese is buttery, creamy, and salty. Cottage cheese is also a top source of calcium and protein. Slather cottage cheese atop of scrambled eggs, sandwiches, or by itself. 6