Instead of jumping right into your intense workout, you should prepare your body. Without a warm-up, you increase the chances of any injuries happening. Yes, you probably want to get that pesky workout out of the way. Yet a warm-up doesn’t have to be so long. Here are some full-body warm-ups that double as cardio and need only your bodyweight. The following exercises can also be the main exercise!

Jumping Jacks

This is a classic exercise, and for a good reason. If your joints hurt in your leg, you can step away and back towards your body. 1


Thought crawling was for babies? Try it only with your toes and hands on the floor (then we’ll see who’s the baby!). You can crawl forward, backward, and sideways. 2


Boxing in general goes well with self-defense. Don’t want to buy punching bags and gloves? Shadowboxing is just boxing by yourself and with nothing.