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It's only natural for us to want to feel safe and comfortable. However, this feeling can hold you back. Your days will be boring from doing the same thing daily. It's the same thing every day, due to fears holding you back.

So, what can I do? A good start is to make a fear latter. A fear latter is a list of events that give you anxiety. The events are ranked by severity, and you slowly work your way up. One event might be talking to a stranger, while a more severe event will be to make a public speech on a stage. Once you face your fears, you'll have many advantages over those who didn't.

Handle discomfort

By exposing yourself to your fears slowly, over time the anxiety won't be so bad. It's similar to how a muscle strengthens with each workout. This means that you can handle difficult situations better because you've experienced so many. Although, that doesn't mean you'll never experience anxiety or fear ever again.

Just because you're shy doesn't mean you have social anxiety or a social phobia. To have any of those means that you constantly fear judgement from others. People with social issues go to great lengths to avoid social gatherings or to avoid their worry from coming true.

Improve self-confidence

First of all, by actually participating in anxious events, you'll get a surge of confidence. Secondly, because of all the experiences you had, you can accurately predict realistic outcomes. For example, you fell at a restaurant and feel embarrassed. However, you'd quickly recall that people are already too busy thinking about themselves and that what happened to you isn't a big deal.

New opportunities

Since fear is good at holding all of us back, we miss out on important opportunities. For example, you might be too anxious to talk to a stranger, who might later become your best friend. In general, you'll have more happiness in your life from trying out new things as well.

All kids are told by their parents to eat their greens. Everyone thinks they must consume smoothies or salads to be healthy. Greens are healthy and do come in many different shapes and tastes. However, greens often hog the spotlight, as there are other nutritious choices. The following choices are all edible.


There are many types of flowers that you can choose from, and each contains certain nutrients. For example–Nasturtiums, a type of flower, supply vitamin D, a vitamin most miss. Not all flowers are edible and can be poisonous, such as Crocus. 1


Most bugs are surprisingly nutritious. They have fiber and vitamin B12, almost everyone is deficient in these nutrients. If you can’t picture yourself eating grasshoppers, bugs are often sold in powdered form. You can easily sprinkle some insect powder in a smoothie, salad, or on a toast. 2

Bee pollen

Bees go to take nectar from flowers. In the process, bees get pollen on them, which is taken to their hive. Bee pollen has B vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Bee pollen can be sprinkled on most foods, like insect powder. 3