Poor diets are the cause of 678,000 deaths per year. To be exact, these people died from diabetes and heart disease. Even worse, this could have all been prevented. The issue? Folks refuse to eat salads.

There seems to be this misconception that most nutrition is only found in salad and smoothies. While they’re nutritious in their own right, they don’t appeal to everyone. If salads deterred you from a healthy diet, make a fresh start with these options. 1


Ditch the tea and eat the flower. Lavender for example has floral notes and scents with phytonutrients and polyphenols. Now, you might want to go to your backyard and search for these flowers, but that’s not a good idea. For one, you could eat a poisonous flower. Secondly, your flower might be covered in weed killer, which if consumed, is toxic. Instead, go online or to your local grocery store and look for flowers labeled as edible. 2


While insects aren’t appetizing to everyone, you still probably ate some. It’s true, bugs can be found in canned tomatoes and broccoli. The good side of this is that insects happen to be healthy. They’re a good source of vitamin B12, fiber, and calcium. If you can’t picture yourself eating grasshoppers by hand, there is insect powder. Insect powder is often sprinkled in smoothies, flour, or over food. 3 4

Bee Pollen

Honey is healthy, but bee pollen is better. Bee pollen starts as plant pollen, which is then transferred by bees to their hive. With that said, bee pollen is recognized as the best source of vitamins out of any other food. That’s because bee pollen contains 18 vitamins. Also, bee pollen provides all the essential amino acids, protein, carbs, and good-for-you fats. Additionally, one tablespoon of bee pollen provides 1g of fiber. Bee pollen is typically consumed through supplements but can be sprinkled over other foods or smoothies. 5


Think eggshells belong in the trash? Think again. Surprisingly, one eggshell provides more than twice the daily dosage of calcium. Along with calcium, you’ll find strontium and fluorine. All these minerals help to make your bones stronger. However, eggshells have bacteria that can make us sick.

Too eat eggshells, boil them for a few minutes. Then, spread the eggshells on a baking sheet and let them dry overnight. Finally, bake your dry eggshells at 250 degrees F. When they’re done, grind them with a coffee grinder. Your eggshell powder can be sprinkled onto anything, from water to any food. 6


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