Did you know that only one in three children exercise every day? The main problem is that most people can’t stick to a workout program. The reasons can be that they don’t enjoy exercising as a whole, or they spend too much time exercising. In this situation, you should try exercises that you find fun, or set a realistic time length that you’ll stick to. For example, you might be more determined to exercise if the workout lasts 30 minutes rather than one hour. 1

Prevent heart attacks

A heart attack happens when blood is blocked by fat, and can’t travel to the heart. When doing cardio, the heart will have to pump more blood. As a result, the body will have improved blood circulation, lowering the chances of a heart attack. 2 3

Avoid diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that develops from too much blood sugar or blood glucose. During exercise, the body becomes more sensitive to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed for cells to use blood sugar as energy. 4 5

Energy boost

The brain produces endorphins from physical activity. Endorphins are a chemical that makes you feel good and energized. 6


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